Obviously, the pandemic isn’t over but we can all have fun while being considerate of each other’s safety.

Harvest Halcyon recognizes that no matter your vaccination status, we all have the ability to contract and spread COVID-19. Obviously sharing cigarettes, joints, drinks, hugs and close spaces have risks that we can collectively reduce by changing our habits.

Because our gathering takes place on such a large property, it’s easy to spread-out, camp and maintain physical distance. We ask you to please respect direction from our staff regarding where to set up at the time of your arrival.

So we can all be as safe as possible, including those of us with children or pre-existing health conditions, its important that we all practice social distancing and wear masks when that proves difficult.

In addition, and in line with rapidly evolving industry standards, we require ALL performers, staff, guests and participants to provide one of the following:



A NEGATIVE COVID-19 RAPID TEST AT THE GATE (performed in front of our staff at the cost of the test plus staff to administer it = $35 CASH ONLY** Please bring exact change.

What happens if you or someone in the car you traveled with tests positive for COVID-19?

  • First, we take a second test.
  • If that second test is also positive, we regret that all in the car cannot attend and that they immediately return home and self isolate until further testing is complete from a provincial COVID-19 testing facility.
  • If the second test is negative, we take a 3rd and the result of that test is the decider. (Positive for CV-19 = all participants in car do not attend / Negative for CV-19 = all may attend)

These are challenging times and we all have a responsibility to protect each other and Harvest festival by doing all that we can to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Regardless of your personal position, we ask you respect our event’s obligation to act in a way that provides a positive future for us all.

Happy, Safe, COVID free Harvest Halcyon to you all.


  • When you arrive everyone must have mask on and a personal bottle of hand sanitizer in hand.
  • If you do not have proof of your COVID-19 vaccination, be ready with $35.00 exact change cash to pay for your COVID-19 rapid text.