Barroness has been a Harvester since 2005, during the festival’s humble beginnings. She remembers dancing in haystack stages and a barn that has now grown into one of Ontario’s most beloved festivals with an immaculate production and setting. After performing at Harvest Festival Halcyon 2021 and at Camp Calmer, she is beyond excited to bring the heat this year as she closes the Crystal 6 stage with her first full-blown Harvest performance in her signature style. Her mix of bouncy, groovy and dark beats with rolling basslines are guaranteed to fill the dancefloor at the end of the night.

A front-left speaker freaker since 1999, Barroness spins tunes from a dancer’s perspective. Adding a unique blend of sultry, provocative, and socially relevant vocals, along with beats that showcase a dancer’s love for the music, her sets bring the energy, inspiration and vibe that only a long-time member of the electronic music scene could.

In addition to Harvest Festival, Barroness has played at the Boreal canoe trip since 2019 & a couple of Sunday Socials and is grateful to feel part of the community. She has also performed at some of Toronto’s best venues like Coda, Vertigo, and The Comfort Zone, while maintaining a residency at the Wiggle Room. Now organizing her own Phantom events around Toronto, keep your eyes and ears open for more from everyone’s favourite dancefloor enthusiast and party-bringer.