Harvest is unique. Organized by friends, for friends. Like nowhere else. It’s not a chance to lose your mind in excess. Don’t come if that’s your plan.

Agree to relax, take it easy, do less not more and enjoy the simple pleasures of being together at a magical place with a clean and clear mind that offers all around something positive.

That’s our code and here’s the details…

Burks Falls Community

  • Our gracious hosts, be respectful and always present yourself well as you are the Harvest Ambassador
  • Support the local businesses
  • The fun starts at the festival, not before (don’t drink and drive etc)


  • Remain in control of yourself at all times
  • Take it easy and pace yourself remembering to eat good food, get good sleep and remain well hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Take to heart responsibility for yourself, your friends and those around you
  • Be proactive in directly addressing poor behavior and decisions by yourself and friends in a constructive and positive way
  • Never bring trouble to Harvest…

Leave No Trace (duh!)

  • Nothing tossed on the ground, ever!!!
  • Your campsite is always maintained and kept tidy
  • Do what it takes to be sure you and the people around you leave no trace even if you need to pick up after your neighbour to make this happen…

Ride to and from Harvest

  • Ensure your driver is sober and well rested. Refuse to allow anyone to drive otherwise
  • Expect to meet our good friends the OPP who do a fantastic job keeping us safe from each other and ourselves.  Show your gratitude to them and treat them as your friend…

When you come to Harvest you agree to honour all the above. You’re expected to demonstrate maturity, moderation and care at all times and we expect of you that the week following you find yourself feeling great, recharge and inspired…