Burk’s Falls and Ryerson Township are our truly amazing hosts and they give us permission and support through permitting to host Harvest festival.

Having now spent 10 years in this small community we’ve learned a lot about how difficult it is for the tiny township to pay the bills of maintaining roads, commissioning EMS and the OPP’s services as well as the many other things that we all take for granted and usually feel entitled to. They run a budget and it is a hard for such a small community.

Things like a RIDE program or a call for EMS and traffic causing measurable wear and tear on the roads are all realities we as individuals never really take to heart or understand. And on top of that, they incur an increased level of legal liability when we host Harvest in the jurisdiction.

So what can we do to give back to our hosts who truly take on a lot to welcome us with open arms?

We’ve done a great job with the FOOD DRIVE and we’ve become vital to the town. We hear how grateful the community is regularly.
Another thing we can do is SUPPORT the LOCAL and ESPECIALLY SMALL BUSINESSES in town. These shops have a difficult time staying open and rare events like ours can make the difference between keeping the lights ON or OFF.

Here’s a list of the businesses you may find helpful. We, and they, appreciate your support but remember you are a HARVEST AMBASSADOR so always act accordingly.



  • *Burk’s Falls Welcome Centre (BEST COFFEE AND FUDGE) 170 Ryerson Cres, Burk’s Falls
  • Tim Horton’s 27 Commercial Dr, Burk’s Falls



  • Calhoun’s Country Cafe 174 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Curb Your Appetite / Best Pierogi 108 Ontario St. Burk’s Falls
  • Subway 5 Hilltop Rd, Burk’s Falls (Inside Petro Canada / Capstone Market)
  • The Pot Bellied Stove Chip Truck 61 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Yetti’s Pizza 117A Ontario St, Burk’s Falls



  • Almaguin Donation Store 198 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Collin’s Valu Mart 24 Commercial Dr, Burk’s Falls
  • Kwik Way Convenience 170 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Home Hardware 181 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Capstone Market 5 Hilltop Drive, Burk’s Falls



  • Shell Gas Station and Hayes Service Centre 148 Ontario St, Burks Falls
  • Paul’s Auto / NAPA Auto Pro 51 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Petro-Canada / Capstone Market 5 Hilltop Drive, Burk’s Falls



  • Kawartha Credit Union 189 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • RBC ATM  5 Hilltop Drive, Burks Falls (Inside Petro-Canada/Capstone Market)



  • *Circling Hawks Centre 156 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Debbie’s Hair Design 51 Ontario St, Buk’s Falls
  • Garden Market by Sandhill Nursery 85 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Northspring Mercantile 60 Ontario St, Burks Falls
  • The Flower Garden 185 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • Village Hair 93 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls
  • White Birch Hair Salon & Patricia’s Esthetics 174 Ontario St. Burk’s Falls
  • *Wooden Roo 311 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls



  • Ye Olde Cutter Camp 400 Ontario St, Burk’s Falls