March 22nd, 12pm (noon)  https://tix.alieninflux.org/harvest2018

  • 250 Tier-2 Tickets @ $180 + $14.68 Handling Fee + HST = $220.00
  • 250 Tier-3 Tickets @ $200 + $15.36 Handling Fee + HST = $243.35
  • 25 RV Passes @ $100 + $11.97 Handling Fee + HST = $126.52

All other tickets have been sold.


Once these tickets have all been sold the event will be sold out.  We plan to keep Harvest the event we want to attend – one where you can always find your friends.

If you’re new to Harvest please be aware tickets have sold very fast in the past.

Ticket resale policy

We take a hard stance against people profiting from hopeful Harvesters by buying a bunch of tickets to sell at a profit later. It’s just not in the spirit of the event, so if you’re considering a bulk purchase today to profit tomorrow – think again.

Buying a ticket for more than it’s face value is just as bad, if not worse, than selling one.  Purchasing tickets at above original cost creates a market and without a market there are no such profited sales.

We will cancel, without refund, any tickets that we discover are bought with the intent to profit.  Tickets will no longer be valid for entry regardless whether you bought it for more or tried to sell it for more.