Recreational Vehicles & Camper Trailer Passes

If you’re planning on bringing an RV or Camper trailer to Harvest, you’ll need to get an RV Pass prior to arrival.  We have 25 passes available for the larger sized vehicles associated with motor-camping. Get your pass at our online ticket and present your ticket at the gate when you arrive.

Harvest festival tickets are completely SOLD OUT!!

We thank everyone who invested so far in advance and we, who orchestrate the nuts and bolts, are humbled by the trust and support so many have given us.

We’ll do what it takes to create a safe, enjoyable gathering for us to celebrate season’s change by the fire, under the stars and on the dance floor for years to come.


We truly hope you find your way and manage to join us with a 2nd hand ticket from someone you trust but who can no longer attend.

We are taking a HARD STANCE AGAINST PEOPLE PROFITING from hopeful Harvesters. It’s just not in the spirit of the event and this would taint the experience for all.

Should you encounter anyone looking to charge more than the face value of the ticket for sale PLEASE REPORT IT TO US IMMEDIATELY!

We will work diligently to prevent this type of activity and if we identify a ticket looking to be profited on WE WILL CANCEL IT WITHOUT REFUND. That ticket will no longer be valid for entry regardless whether you bought it for more or you tried to sell it for more without success.

Note: We believe that buying a ticket for more than it’s face value is just as bad, if not worse, than selling one. That purchase creates a market and without a market there are no such profited sales.

The cost including service fees and HST should never exceed:

  • EARLY BIRD: $170.00
  • ADVANCE: $190.00
  • REGULAR: $215

2ND HAND TICKETS PURCHASE WARNING!!! This has risks we want people to be aware of.

We strongly suggest buying a 2nd hand ticket from someone you TRUST, as fraudulent or reprinted online tickets will NOT BE ADMITTED. Entry at the gate will only be granted with a VALID ticket, regardless of the circumstance.

The safest ticket to buy is from a trusted friend or a hard ticket with the foil stamped logo and other fraud preventing features.

Please be very careful and happy Harvest!