Please join our shared four-day journey through the magical lands of Midlothian Castle and the Screaming Heads near Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada this September 15-18, 2023. Tickets were on a first come first serve basis via two options.

Prices & Options

Buy Online

  1. TIER 1 (limit 400): $265.00 including Food Bank Donation +online fees & HST = $317.93 SOLD OUT
  2. TIER 2 (limit 400): $290.00 including Food Bank Donation +online fees & HST = $347.02
  3. RV (limit 60): $170.00 +online fees & HST = $206.95 SOLD OUT

Buy In- Person SOLD OUT. Sunday, Feb 12, 4 PM at the Sunday Afternoon Social in Toronto.

  1. TIER 1 (limit 400): $265.00 including Food Bank Donation & HST = $300.00 (CASH ONLY)
  2. TIER 2 (limit 400): $290.00 including Food Bank Donation & HST = $330.00 (CASH ONLY)

Ticket Limits
There is a limit of ten tickets per transaction, but there is no limit on the number of transactions. Jump back online to add to your first ten.

Sale Timeline
Unsold hard tickets went online on Monday, February 13, at 12 pm. Tickets have quickly sold out in the past.

Refund Policy
Tickets are transferable but not refundable. In the case of event cancellation for any reason: Only the portion of the ticket not already spent on producing the event will be refunded. As participants investing in the community we all share the risk of such losses.

Food Bank Donations
In past we’ve asked people to donate $5 at the gate. Some would donate more while others not at all! This year we’re working to improve our gate procedures and wait times and eliminating the collection of donation at the gate is part of this plan to improve. Moving forward we are simply budgeting the donation which we view as more efficient and equitable for all while likely increasing our total donation amounts. People are still welcome to add to their cash donation and we will have a donation station at the gate.



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