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Wood A-frame stage and crowd

The enchanting journey through the captivating realms of Midlothian Castle, filled with art and music begins with some handy tips.



GPS: 981 Midlothian Rd, Burk’s Falls, ON
Gate: Friday 2 pm to Monday 4 pm
Harvest Rideshare – make a friend and save costs and your footprint.


Before You Go

Packing Checklist – Do not bring any glass, fireworks, pets, sound systems, burning paper lanterns, or anything that would detract from the weekend’s enjoyment. Again: ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS. We recommend using a trolly or wagon and packing light but be prepared for all seasons.

Download your e-ticket on your phone at home or print it. There is no mobile data during the event unless with Bell.

Ticket Reselling – If you have other plans or have a sore throat or fever then please resell your ticket at cost through your own network or in the Facebook Group. Buyers can have the seller verified. We love you. See you at the next thing.



Harvest Gate 😱 Procedures🍂🌾 – Gate opens Friday at 2 pm. Wait times to park are variable and hard to predict. Have your ticket or e-ticket ready to show. If arriving at night, please turn dark mode off (On iOS say “Hey Siri, turn off Dark Mode” or Android see Settings app > Display > Dark Mode) and turn the brightness up. Once your ticket is scanned, please follow the directions of the staff and park as close to the next car as possible on the north side. All RVs will park by the gatehouse and castle. SUV/trucks will unhitch and park in the parking lot. more…

Part of your ticket costs go to the local food bank. If you wish to give more, please donate at the gatehouse after you’ve parked. We are NOT taking canned food.


Meal Planning

1. Plan for meals for the four days. Keep it social: Consider teaming up.

2. Reserve now sit-down meals for the Harvest Thermodome Cafe, Bistro. Pulled Smokehouse offers 5 delicious meal packages: the Friday Big BBQ Buffet, and the Saturday and Sunday brunch buffets and dinners.

The Thermodome is there for everyone to get warm, eat, recharge their cores, and chat with friends. Djs will play chill tracks from time to time at their leisure for all to enjoy.

3. Outdoor food vendors such as The Banger Truck, SugarNuts MiniDonuts, and Chocosol serve light fare and coffee at times from Friday to Sunday.



1) Preparation: Print Packing/Meal Checklist
See the list above and check the weather before leaving. The fall equinox is near. Be prepared for cold nights, hot days, dew, rain and even mud.

2) Setup Camp: Set up camp upon arrival so you can enjoy the festival. Meet your neighbours. For safety reasons, there is no camping tents, chairs, loitering or idling in the car parking areas. The quietest area to camp is also the main area for camping at the bottom right of the map below. Leave no trace and respect Peter’s land.

3) Departure: A designated driver should have 8 hours of sleep before departure and hopefully have a co-pilot to chat with. Be out by 4 pm on Monday. Prepare for police checks on the road.


Health & Conduct

Health & Conduct Guidelines – We individually and as a group have a responsibility to: Eat good food, get good Sleep, drink lots of Water and Leave No Trace because Excess Makes a Mess so please Moderate Yourself and Friends! Consent, consent, consent, for everything. Even hugs. Have a sore throat or fever? Please rest at home and sell your ticket to a friend.

Security and Life-Safety Team – These men and women are trained to handle diverse situations from CPR to de-escalation and sensitivity training. They work closely alongside event management, the property owner, EMR and Harvest Haven so we can focus on enjoying the weekend.

Harvest Haven is a 24-hour dedicated confidential support place and team located next to the EMS and across from the Thermodome. Come for a quiet rest in our plounge space, find support, supportive offerings, warm up or cool down, join grounding and fun workshops, get safety training, or receive a nutritious snack.


Location Map

Map of land

The Heads | Thermodome | Crystal 6 | The Pyramid | The Pines | Crash | Midlothian Castle & Screaming Heads



DJs and performers – We have a good balance and a fantastic lineup to be proud of.

Saturday Workshops are from 10 am to 3 pm include meditation, and spirituality, art and movement. Open to all.
Harvest Haven also have supportive offerings.

Northfire Circus starts in Crystal 6 at 6:30 pm Saturday. Lineup early. They are stunning to experience.
Maracatu Mar Aberto enters at 8 pm playing Brazilian percussion rhythms.

The Bonfire is lit at 8:30 pm. Tiger’s build always impresses. Everyone joins to celebrate the night ahead with a smile.

Swim off the dock or bring a floatie.

See photos and videos.



See the FAQ, send an email, or chat with supportive friends in the Facebook Group.