The Heads with laser in fog

The unparalleled experience of Friday night at the Heads begins with a captivating visual spectacle. Dozens of screaming head sculptures, each towering at approximately 20 feet and weighing a staggering 30 tons, are strategically arranged in a Stonehenge-type circular layout in the enchanting area known as the Heads. Peter Camani‘s artistic mastery transforms this landscape into a dragon’s eye when viewed from above.

At one end of the Heads DJs unleash killer bass and related beats to an ecstatic dance floor. In other areas, friends come together around numerous fire pits and a central fire atop a rocky hill. The atmosphere is further intensified by lasers gliding through a cloud-like haze overhead.

Stepping into this surreal setting for the first time, one may wonder what cinematic world they have entered. Friday night at the Heads is not merely an event; it’s an extraordinary journey into a mystical realm.

The Heads area with participants

The Heads stage crowd