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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I resell my ticket? Plans changed? Feeling off?
If you have other plans, or have a sore throat or fever then please resell your ticket to friends or verified sellers. We love you. See you at the next thing.

Is there drinking water on the land?
Unfortunately, not. Please stay hydrated and bring 8-10 litres per person for the four days.

Is there food?
1. Please plan for meals for the four days. Make it social: Consider teaming up for meal prep in advance.
2. Reserve in advance for the Harvest Thermodome Cafe, Bistro. Pulled Smokehouse offers 5 delicious meal packages: the Friday Big BBQ Buffet, and the Saturday and Sunday brunch buffets and dinners. The Thermodome is a large geodesic dome for all to get warm, recharge their core, and chat with friends.
3. Fresh vegetables and goods from the farm, light meals, and coffee is served by a couple of vendors.

I need a ride. Does Harvest Festival provide a shuttle?
Please see the Rideshare Facebook Group. Harvest Festival does not provide transportation.

Can I bring my camper van or RV?
Yes, see the tickets page. There is a growing demand for shared camper vans.

What are the gate hours?
Opens Friday 2 pm on. Closes Monday 4 pm.

How far is camping from the parking lot?
A 5-10 minute walk. Pack light (see packing list). We recommend using a collapsable wagon for one trip in and out.

Can I leave the event and come back?
Yes, ins and outs are allowed during gate hours (though discouraged). Please show your wristband at the gate. Please note that, in the event of wet weather or changes to parking lot conditions, festival staff reserve the right to stop ‘ins and outs’.

What should I bring?
Check the packing list and check the weather before leaving but be prepared for cold/hot weather, wet dew, mud, and rain.

Can I bring my dog or other animals?
No, please leave your furry friends at home.

Can I bring my children?
The festival is for people ages 19+. Please be prepared to show your ID at the gate.

Can I sell goods?
Sales booths and selling food are not allowed. However, participants with tickets can exchange their self-made or uniquely collected items and services for money on a blanket or chair along the path. Tables, 10×10 style tents, or electricity from a generator are not permitted. Please use a simple blanket and or chair. Selling food is not allowed due to health code restrictions.

Where is the festival located?
Midlothian Castle, 981 Midlothian Rd, Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Are there guidelines and policies to know?
Yes, please see our Health & Conduct Policy, Our Standards, Privacy Policy, Accessibility Policy, and Social Media Guidelines.


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