Harvest is always looking for ways to improve the experience, and that begins the moment you purchase your ticket. 

In the past, whenever someone was looking to give their ticket to someone else (purchased several for friends, ended up not being able to attend, etc), there was never an issue finding someone to BUY your ticket, however the buyer had to trust the person selling them their ticket wasn’t scamming them.

Also, one of the biggest logistical challenges encountered minutes after arriving at the gate has been the need to provide a signed waiver. Everyone (even staff!) needed to print and fill out their information, we needed to verify that it was filled out, and securely manage them with our records. On top of that is the environmental cost associated with the paper and energy consumed. 

In order to address these challenges, we have developed a simple solution: digital ticket activation. Activation associates your ticket to both an email address as well as an electronic acceptance of the waiver. This ensures that nobody can attempt to illicitly use your ticket, even if they somehow get the code. It also reduces waste and saves time at the gate.

Please visit with your ticket code handy to activate your ticket before arriving at the gate in September.  

If multiple tickets were purchased by an individual on behalf of a group or for someone for any reason, please forward this email to those persons, as each and every ticket holder must have a ticket activated in their name before gaining entry to the festival.


Ticket activations are a two-step verification process that requires an active email address where we send a message with a confirmation link. Click on the confirmation link to complete the activation.  The activation process is fairly quick and painless, and for security purposes will reset after 72 hours (3 days) if no confirmation is received. If you get stuck and need help resetting an activation (eg. email address typo) please contact



If you give or sell an activated ticket to someone, you will need to reset the activation so the new ticket holder can then re-activate the ticket with their info.  This requires the activated ticket code and the email address of the person to whom you intend to transfer the ticket to. A two-way verification then takes place via email, following which the activation will be reset and ready for the new ticket holder to activate themselves.

A link to the activation reset page below is included with the activation completion email.


If you need any assistance at all with your tickets or activation processes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at