Tips and things to bring for First Timers and Veterans

Regardless if this is your first time attending Harvest Festival or your 10th, here are some tips, essential things to bring and keep in mind, as sourced by members of our amazing community;



  • Tent
  • sleeping bag
  • insulated sleeping pad
  • ground sheet or tarp for under your tent (but make sure none of it is visible or water will run down the side of your tent hit the tarp and pool under your tent making it wet inside).
  • Warm clothes!!! (It gets cold, and the due falls VERY heavy at this time of year at night. Better to have too many warm clothes than not enough. Think winter and you will be fine. Also a good idea to not wear cotton as cotton gets damp and draws the warmth out of you making you cold. Synthetic clothing and wool will stay dry and warm all weekend).
  • Rubber Boots (the dew is just as heavy as the rain)
  • Wool or Synthetic Thermal Socks
  • Food and things needed to prepare it (you should never rely on the food vendor).
  • Drinking Water (minimum 4 liters but 10 is better)
  • Ear Plugs. Protect those ears and have quiet at your camp when you need it.
  • A small wagon. It’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot to some of the camping areas, and this will make things much easier.
  • Lots of synthetic blankets like sleeping bags. For those cold nights!
  • Thermos full of hot face cloths
  • Flash light or Headlamp with batteries.
  • Garbage bags (This is a leave no trace festival, so make sure to take all your garbage and recycling and put it in the dumpsters provided. Note the dumpsters go to a sorting station where they are separated in to recycling and waste)
  • Non-perishable food item. To be turned in to the front gate to be donated to the local food back.
  • Cash. There’s Harvest swag, and if you forget your non-perishable food item, you can donate $5 instead



  • Glass of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Pets
  • Renegade sound systems
  • Paper lantern you lite with a lighter or match and let fly away



  • It can’t be stressed enough: it can get cold! Bring too many layers as opposed to too few and think WINTER!!!
  • Use the buddy system and help keep everyone safe
  • Set up camp first thing when you get there, so you can enjoy the rest of the festival
  • If you’re driving, leave your clothes/sleeping bag/something back up that’s warm in the car. The dampness is very real and it’ll keep your stuff from getting wet if there’s an issue with your tent. And the sun will warm it up the next day.
  • Talk to strangers. They are all friends you haven’t met, yet.
  • Take the Friday AND the Monday off if you can!
  • Pace yourself! This is a three day festival
  • Leave no trace, and respect the land
  • There’s a circus on Saturday night. Don’t miss it!
  • Consent, consent, consent, for everything. Even hugs.
  • There are security personnel and staff that are there to ensure your safety.
  • Party responsibly
  • Come in with an open mind
  • Enjoy the soup when it finds you
  • There are many opinions about whether or not you should push the button. The choice is up to you!