Getting ready for Harvest 2016

September 2016


Harvest festival ticket holders,

Our sold out weekend together is near, and here are some points you need to know when getting ready for Harvest 2016.



First off our big secret headliner this year is ROBERT BABICZ of Germany. Simply one of the greatest performers we’ve ever enjoyed! We are proud to have him join us Saturday night at Crystal Six 10:30PM-12:30AM.



On-line ticket buyers will shortly receive an emailed copy of their original tickets purchase. Please save them on your smartphone, or print them, and complete the on-line waiver now as this will make things much smoother for you upon entry to harvest.



Everybody needs to fill out this online waiver form, print it and turn it in at the gate.  This will help you and all Harvesters get through the entry process much, much faster:



If you have a spare ticket the best thing is to find someone you know looking to join and make them happy with it at its face value cost and never more.

Before buying or selling please have a read here on the rules and things to watch out for.



A food bank donation of $5 in cash or a non-perishable food item is required by everyone; the local community has come to rely on us. It has been brought to our attention that cash donations go further, but all contributions are appreciated.


HARVEST HEALTH (our code of conduct):

Take good care of yourself and never, ever, become a casualty of “EXCESS”- creating problems for you, your friends and all of us at Harvest festival.

Individually and as a group, we have a responsibility to: “Eat” good food, get good “Sleep”, “Drink lots of Water” and “Leave No Trace“; to remember that “Excess Makes a Mess” so please “Moderate Yourself and Friends!



At this time only 6 spots remain and are available for sale for $80 + tax and fees from:






981 Midlothian Road Ryerson Township P0A 1CO



This is our place and the home of artist Peter Camani in the township of Ryerson.  They graciously welcome us to gather together and celebrate season’s change by the fire, under the stars and on the dance floor as we kiss summer goodbye.

Remember to LEAVE NO TRACE and be a great Harvest ambassador when traveling to and from or visiting town as they are also our hosts and they welcome us to their community.

Thankfully the OPP will be setting up R.I.D.E. programs along throughout the weekend helping us stay safe so buckle up…


Thank you to Burk’s Falls, Ryerson Township, Peter Camani and the local detachment of the OPP for their support and guidance. And thank you to all Harvesters for making this dream a reality.


We look forward to you joining us for a safe and healthy weekend you can share memories of for years to come.

Don’t forget your rubber boots, winter hat, gloves, warm clothing and coat (it gets cold and very damp at night).



Justin, Peter, Dave, Irving, momma Angela and all the Harvest crew



Big changes for Harvest 2016

April 2016

This year marks the 10th year celebrating Harvest festival at the rolling hills, waters, sculptures and forests of Midlothian Castle. It’s truly become our annual place to gather and celebrate season’s change by the fire, under the stars and on the dance floor as we kiss each summer goodbye.

Over the past decade we’ve achieved many milestones in creating some incredible projects and memories for us to look fondly back on. And last year fittingly marked the completion of the “Harvest Master Plan” with all music areas presented in unique environments built by Harvesters for Harvesters including The Pyramid, Crash, Thermodome and Crystal Six. Something we can all be proud very of.

With that plan now realized and the dawning of a new decade, we’ve taken great care contemplating and debating the future of our yearly gathering and how we would like to see it progress in a sustainable and enjoyable way well into our future.

Learning from our past, we’ve decided that for the future we need to:

  • Focus the festival on fewer elements making those we do have better
  • Improve the camping so that everyone can get GOOD rest when needed and find greater peace and enjoyment in the calm beauty of Midlothian Castle
  • Limit attendance to ensure we can always find our friends

In order to achieve this greater focus, better and more restful camping, and limited attendance, Harvest 2016 will not be including music programming in the structure we all love “Crash” (the Psy-trance stage).

We’ve enjoyed working with people from the Southern Ontario psy-trance community for many years and have a great deal of respect for what they do and what they have done for Harvest. We thank everyone who participated and contributed to this stage in the past for the amazing memories they have helped create.

By making these changes for Harvest 2016 please feel assured that Crystal Six, The Pyramid, Thermodome Cafe and the Friday Night at the Heads will all be fantastic!

Harvest 2016 will be an absolutely incredible, recharging experience to gather and celebrate season’s change by the fire, under the stars and on the dance floor as we kiss summer goodbye for years to come.